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Like the title states:

Young Adult Crested Gecko (Still got his tail :D)
Great for anyone who wants a cute little reptile that doesn't have to fear of being bit and whoever that hates insects. This little fellow have been handled.. have never bit anyone, and climbs on you. And he's never ate or seen an insect before. He eats "Crested Gecko Diet" which is a powder food and you mix it one part powder with two part food. All you do is mist the cage lightly every night before you sleep!
Unfortunately, I've bought him for quite some time, and I've seriously neglected him! :( I rather someone care for him instead. And even if this little guy bites, it doesn't hurt or draw blood, and takes very minimal time for a crested gecko to get use to you!

This is just for the gecko and half the small bottle of food he's got left!
Looking for $60 firm or any interesting trade... but I'm mainly looking for a 48" light fixture and I can add money if it's in good quality, or any internal UV sterillizer =) Thanks!


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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