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Selling my Green Spotter about 2"-2.5" long, it needs to be transfered into brackish/marine soon, had the puffer for about 2 years when my cousin randomly bought it for me. It's stomach only started graying out recently, I would convert an extra tank to full marine myself, but I'm not that interested in saltwater at the moment.

$10 or Free if you have decent knowledge on keeping these guys

Otherwise willing to trade for a Marbled crayfish, or an extra small fish tank, or bristle/rubber nosed pleco or zebra danios, or gold barbs, redsided shiners, or shoot me an offer

Water Cloud Vertebrate Organism Plant

Wood Gas Glass Metal Electrical wiring

Plant Wood Automotive tire Metal Event

[Obligatory "Sorry for bad photo quality, used phone for pictures and lights in my tank are busted"]

contact me at 604 3653630, text preferred, or message me here or PM
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Not open for further replies.