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FS/FT - Flowerhorn Need gone asap

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Well I just got this off Pieces just over a week ago, I had him with the catfish and the Texas everything was fine till he started attacking the catfish first it was the featherfins, then it was the red tailed cat. So I removed him and placed him into a 30g by himself, as I don't have any other tanks to place him into.

I don't have pics as I lent my camera to my sis for her trip. So if you've seen Pieces old post its that guy. Will try to borrow a camera asap.

Hes about 7-8 inch awesome red and just a pretty fish, but seems he can't be placed in with Catfish or would need a even bigger tank. But my tanks to be will be catfish/ Texas.

Would like him gone to a bigger home ASAP so $15 and I'll be making a few trips out to van over the next few days so could deliever.
Or willing to trade for:
clown loaches
twig cats
sentry bichir
Smaller Cats fish.
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I am intrested give me a call Jimmy 6048058517
Heres some pics with my phone sorry but there terrible


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Heres some pics with my phone sorry but there terrible
I don't blame you, my sister borrowed my digital camera twice in the last 3 months... once to miami.. came back broken.. once to new york.. came back broken... i have nothing neither :(

btw.. Good luck!
Maybe ask pisces for some picture?

Fh is like that, cant together with another ,catfish , or texas,,and he not smaller too,i remember i told u that,i like him, but i dont have space for him, last time u come u see my tank have lots baby ,,,
contact BCA member AWW , he may have fidh trade with ur, hope can help u
Actually he gets along really well with the texas, I do want to try to mate them, but since he doesn't like the catfish didn't want to keep in the same tank, but if I can't find a good home for him; I do have a buddy that's gonna be selling me a 90g I might just put him in there but its going to be a week or so till hes back from his trip etc. I would prefer to keep him, its just I don't want to have to keep him in a 33g that long etc.
Bump ....TTT
they are fine in a 33 for a week or so just not much longer. iv seen them in smaller tanks at pet stores so u shuold be fine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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