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Taking down a few tanks / helping a buddy get rid of a Oscar.
The Pictures aren't the best.
XL - 8inch ish I believe its a female, but not 100% $12
Med - 4-5 inch Really Orange, was told it was a male. (currently not for sale, too nice of a show fish to let go.)
(The Med, is really aggressive has to be the biggest fish, XL good with mid aggression)
Really want these guy gone asap

Jeweled Cichlids (red)
2 - 2 1/2 X4 Dunno sex's Group $5 (Sold)

Featherfin Cats
Synodontis eupterus
5-6 ish. X2 (Currently keeping as may have mated)

Trades. (What I want, willing to throw cash in as well depending on trade so offers open)

Portholes, but I would like some more armored cats Med size nothing over 8 inch (No striped Raphael Only 1 more spotted Raphael Agamyxis pectinifrons)
Texas or Rio Grande Cichlid Male 5-6 inch.
Bichir's under 6'
Plecos -
Thomasi Pleco (L-188a Chaestostoma sp.), (Panaque nigrolineatus L-191) Royal with red tail
Clown Loach over 3'

Internal Filters
Aquaclear 110's
Airpumps for 90g+
Driftwood Med - XXL (sunken pref)

Anacharis (Lots)
Java Fern (Lots and Lots)
X-mas moss (Lots)

I do make trips out to Van here and there. Give me a holla and we can work something out


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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