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FS/FT: Seachem Prime, substratum, eco complete UPDATED

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Updated list

Brand new unopened Seachem Prime 250ml -1 bottle left $10
11lbs black used eco complete mixed with ada malaya soil $5
Fluval Substratum 3.3lbs used - dryed and stored in ziploc bag. $5 needs a pre-rinse before you use it.
Fluval Fish food, colour enhancing flakes. - 1 unopened brand new $ 3
Fluval spec carbon 3 pack brand new $4

Handful of frogbit- long roots- free with any purchase

pick up in Richmond- can meet near richmond centre

Looking for corydoras Panda or habrosus if you want to trade

Liquid Paint Fluid Plastic bottle Service
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Hi Jay,
I'm interested in your Seachem Prime, Magfloat cleaner and possibly your unopened flakes, depending on the expiry date.
I have a whole bag of ADA Amazonia aquasoil. I dont know the weight but honestly, there is quite a decent bit. It should nearly, if not entirely, cover a 6g around 3 inches or more.
It is used but has been washed off.

I also have a few plants. Subwassertang, xmas moss, windelov, possibly some pearlweed and some AR mini. You can pm me for my cell.

Hi Jay

I am interested in the Coralife light. Unable to see the pics.
What is the length and is it with dual T5 tubes
Can you send me some pics

cleared stuff sold and added some new things.
bump - cleaned up list the ecocomplete with ada malaya soil
TTT added and removed sold items. thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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