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Fs/ft tearing down tanks.

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Gauging interest in tearing down my tanks. Would like it all to go at once if possible.

55gal and 29gal.

55gal comes with aquaclear 70 and 2 sponge filters, light, heater
29gal comes with 2 lights, sponge filter.

Comes with everything pictured. Only have stand for the 29gal.

55gal has a bunch of fish, 29gal has 2 rams, 2 neons.

Looking to get around 400-500 for the entire lot. Or looking at trades.

6049924116. Can send more pics if wanted.


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What type of lights do you have? Are you willing to part out?
Would rather get rid of it all at once. Tanks still have livestock in them and would rather not just lose the lights for them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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