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Selling or open to for any trades (equipment, plants or fish)..let me know you got.

1 of X-ray tetra $3
2 of silver tipped tetra $5
3 of Buena Aires tetra $12 dropped price to $9
3 of black neon tetra $9 SOLD
4 of black skirt tetra $12 dropped price to $8
2 males Bolivan Rams $5 ea

Other fish:
5 zebra danio 5 for $10
1 barb (I cant recall it's name) $2

would like to trade for sunset platy, red platy, but will consider other platy, neon tetra, red serpae tetra, runny nose tetra, swordtail, molly, 2 female bolivian rams, plants
filter sponge for aquaclear filter or plants, tanks of any size, or hardware.. or open to suggestions

Pls leave name and number so that I may call you within 15 minutes.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.