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FS/FT....Too Many Extra Tanks....

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:eek: We have lots of tanks we have decided to take down, 5g-33g (some cracked as well :()

Let me know what you are looking for and it's first come, first best offer.

We are also interested in Trades :D some include,
Yellow, Green and other odd dwarf shrimp
Endlers (groups, as pure as possible. some mix is ok but not F1 guppys..or so..)
Plants, dwarf, ground cover, moss etc.

and other Nano, dwarf, super small things, plants and animals. frogs, newts, dwarf geckos,

ooooooooooooo I love 2.5g tanks (lol not hard to please)

we are in new west
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picture pls. and's hard to make an offer if there is no base price.....sshhhh..Moderators will get your attention soon
Mainly looking for trades, (that should be ok with every one).

But what size? (hard to take pictures, they're just glass tanks with black trim and I think we have about 30 extra right now)

I have some 15's and 20's for let's say 10-15 bucks ea and they fairly clean & hold water.

I do not have any 5's f/s but we need to set up at lest 4 more, so if any one would like to trade a 5g for a 15 or 20 That would be great, (or 2x-5g for a 29 tall or 33). LOL very easy to please, just let me know
We also Need A TON of driftwood and small sponge filters, for our shrimp :) small pieces are perfect... for 2.5 & 5g planted set ups :D but any size will do
i have a sponge filter not in use. no plans of using it again. let me know if you're interested. thanks.
I'd love to trade my 2.5G with mesh lid for something a little larger?
Do u have any 33's that hold water? I'm looking to buy so please pm me a price. Thx
I have 2 33's that are currently pending, I will see what's going on and b/p you will be the next on the list.

"33g no trade maybe 20 bucks"
... p/m to cheesekipper
Bump Bump...

still have 10-15-20-25-33's in good to great condition

will trade for:

Endlers (& other small LB's)
shrimp (any thing but reg. Cherries)
Drift Wood (small piece. preferrd but not picky med & large is ok as well)
Moss (any thing but java, need lots more Pellia)
2.5-5.5g tanks
Odd Micro Cultures
T5 and other related light strips

lol I think thats good for now
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