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Still for sale...
dimensions : 48*18*20 inches (1year and a half, no visible scratch, it is as new)
volume : 75 gal
black wood stand (Big Al's)
1 coralife light, 48 in., 6700k, 2*65W
1 heater hydor 300W
glass covers
handmade filter inside the tank (see picture, it is a kind of vertical settling filter, very easy to remove if you do not want it) with Aquapump/Powerhead Rio+ 800 (with accessories)and grey moss block
with this filter you do not need another filter ! it is working very well and is very efficient
1 Nano Koralia pump
Sand : Seachem Flourite Black (originally 7 bags of 7 Kg), used 1 year and a half, should still be OK
10' tube diameter 18mm (for water changes)
power bar and timer
Nitrite and KH tests (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals), partly used
handnet 10'' wide
black tissue sheet for the back of the tank
No expedition

Whole setup 300$, located in Vancouver
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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