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I'm selling a brand new 72" Hamilton Cebu Sun fixture with upgraded ballasts for running Radiums. This is an amazing light fixture for coral colour and growth. The fixture itself runs 3x 400W MH bulbs and 4x 80W T5HO bulbs. It comes with 6 400W Radium bulbs and 6 80W T5 bulbs (Both 420NM and 460NM actinics). I paid over $2000 when I bought it directly from Hamilton Technologies on Black Friday, including shipping and import/duties. It's never been used aside from turning it on to test that it was working. It comes with tank rim mounts and eye hooks for mounting from the ceiling as well. Asking $1800 obo. Call or text Jamie @ 604-312-6649
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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