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I have some nice stuff I'll like to sell, going to move all my live stock soon so some of the hardware is not really need it.
Located in Surrey , no shipping , pick up or meet somewhere.
-Vertex libra stepper $500(for $600 I'll include 3 short 2.5 vessel one need the 90^ on the lid , someone in the forum told me that can be fix, the other 2 are still running , so I'm not going to sell just the vessel if the doser is not gone first)
-2x kessil 360w tuna blue fully controllable $750(or 400$ each) include goose neck each 90^ adapters, all the cable so they can be controlled by apex
-(soon available)Vertex alpha cone 200 $450
-maybe an Ati 10x39w power module $400needs a new ballast, already ordered one from j&l and should be here shortly.
When all the live stock gets transfer I'll have my 2 years old aqueon rr 90g tank, include tank, aqueon plumbing, 1 year old aqueon black pine stand and eshopps rs-200 acrylic sump $500 for $700 I'll include a vertex omega 150 skimmer.
I may forgot some other stuff , but that's all for now.
Pm if you interested or if you have any question

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