first set 4ft HOT5 retrofit no bulbs included
2x Sunblaster HOT5 ballast with a high polish aluminum reflector - $10

Top down view of the Sunblaster in the reflector
Wood Glass Hardwood Metal Composite material

Second set - 4ft HOT5 retrofit no bulbs included
Workhorse 7 Ballast with 2 1/2 pair of HOT5 waterproof end cap + high polish aluminum reflector. 1 of the end cap is bad and need replacement. The ballast can handle up to 4x HOT5 54w - $30

waterproof endcap can be purchase at JLaquatics T5 Water Proof Fluorescent End Cap - Pair.

Same reflector as above.
Wood Electricity Electrical wiring Flooring Gas

HM TDS meter
Got this last year from Jonsplantfactory. HM Digital PPM Pen - Jons Plant Factory - $15

image to come

Pickup at Lougheed Mall