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I have some extra Hydroton and since we've been discussing our favourite bio medias in another thread, I thought I'd post here to see if anyone wants to buy some and try on their tanks. I and several local reefers and fw aquarists have switched over to this media (made in Germany and originally intended for use in Hydroponics and Aquaponics). It is super efficient and a 5 gallon bucket can bio filter a 300 gallon sw fish only tank. I plan to use my remaining hydroton in hte spring to grow watercress vegetables using aquaponics, but if anybody would like some for their filters, I'm selling my extra Hydroton for $10 for an ice cream bucket's worth (4 liters or 1 gallon) or $5 for a smaller volume. It really works well in a mediareactor (for sw) or in canister and HOB filters for fw. Hydroton will control Ammonia, Nitrites AND Nitrates because it will house both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Those of us who currently use hydroton in our tanks LOVE it. My nitrates in my tanks were always super high because of my habit of overfeeding my fish (I work at home so my fish get fed at least 4 or 5 times a day). Since adding hydroton into my reactor media containers (just under 3 gallons worth for my heavily stocked 165g reef), my nitrates are near zero, which is shocking to me. In fact, I had my friend Bill test it twice on his Hanna checker because I didn't believe my nitrates could ever get that low with the amount of food I feed. So if anyone wants to try this bio media, I'm in South Burnaby near King Eds and its:

$10 for an ice cream bucket's worth

$5 for a smaller volume



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I would grab it all. Not sure if we can meet up though as I'm in chilliwack. I do get called in to work in van sometimes on weekends but it's on call so I don't know for sure
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