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-Innovative marine Nuvo 16 bent glass all in one rimless tank
-Pedestal stand
- upgraded custom caddy media baskets
- heater
- return pump
- Finnex planted plus 24/7 automated Led light
- glosso carpet, dwarf Anubis and (forget the name spikes plants on the right)
- I designed this tank to be beautiful and low maintenance

Heaters pumps and filtration is hidden in the rear sump Giving you a clean equipment free tank

I counted about 45 crystal shrimp at a glance so I would guess there is probably 60-70 in there

Asking 425 complete as is. The crystal shrimp alone would cost more than the whole setup :) this can also work as a side business as there is a good market for these shrimp!

Side note there is a burried shrimp so prob another 20 babies on route!

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