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I'm thinking of selling my Innovative marine Fusion 30L. The tank is less than a year old and in pristine condition. It's made with low iron high clarity 8mm polished glass. The dimensions are 36x15x13. The tank is 30g
I also have the IM matching stand, 2 custom caddie upgraded Media baskets and the IM midsize ghost skimmer.

The tank/stand retail for 999 . The media baskets were about $45 each and the skimmer is currently priced at $275 on at I have also installed the dual spin stream Nozzles and a custom switch panel inside the stand to control your devices

The tank also has a mesh top to keep your fish inside. The xr15's are not included in the package however i do have a 36" aqueon LED light I could include.

The tank is still currently in use.. However I'm upgrading to a larger custom built tank over the next few weeks. Let me know if you are interested or want to come check it out in person

Located in Kelowna

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