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Got a rena xp3 with a small leak, replaced all seals, and new media, its leaking where the top meets the bucket for some reason. I think the bucket is warped. I just cleaned the filter and its still leaking at the same corner but slightly more now... To lazy to diagnose right now, I just threw on a new hob filter I had laying around but I think the bucket is warped, seal looked clean so not sure why its leaking.

Also have a 10g stacker on an iron stand, has a little bit of rust but seems to hold up, comes with 2 tanks, sponge filters and air pump, glass tops, some weak beamswork led lights and pool filter sand in white, only 1 heater.
$100 or $80 without sponge filters and air pump.

Selling the stacker cause I'm moving soon.
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