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I am selling my tank and am trying to find good homes for my fish.
I have the following:
1. A school of 7 clown loaches, ranging from 3 to 7 inches that would need a minimum of 100 gallons and that I would like to stay together.
2. A similar sized school of kubotai loaches, mostly around 2.5-3 inches
3. A similar sized school of zebra loaches, same size
4 One bristlenose and one rubberlip pleco, both adults. Rubberlips are by far the best algae cleaning fish in my experience.
5 Two siamese algae eaters
6. Some additional fish, e.g., a couple of kuhli loaches and possibly a few Corydoras sterbai.
I am mostly concerned with finding good homes, so prices are negotiable.
PM me if interested. Must go by next weekend.
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Must post prices
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