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FS: Lots of aquariums and equipment

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Unfortunately I have had to take down most of my tanks. I have lots of equipment, and different kinds of filters for sale like canister, hob, and sponge filters, heaters, air pumps, gravel/sand/arogonite, ornaments, plastice plants, etc. just ask if you want something i probably have it. I can put together probably everything you will need to make a kit if thats whats wanted. The following is what i have for fish tanks:

-75 gallon (4 ft) fluval vicenza designer bowfront aquarium w original stand & t5 light canopy that has built in timer
-55 gallon (4 ft) has canopy and flourescent tube lights has a nice looking antique hardwood hallway table as a stand
-3 x 44 gallon breeder tanks that sit on a custom made stand one on top of the other, each one has a plexi glass top (lots of room for fry :)
-33 gallon aquarium with canopy, flourescent tube light
-few other aquariums 20 gallons and under, think all of them have canopys with lights

It might be easier for me if you guys try to reach me by phone/text Chris (250-231-9111) or email ([email protected])
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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