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33g tank and stand $70
ac70 filter$30
one more like ac 70 but don't know the name $30
orange colour slate, lots of it over 50 lbs- the wole lot for $35
lots of drift wood- one big one that is like alomost 4ft for $60 and the branchy ones $12 each and there is 5 of them
lots of river rock- over 80 lbs and the whole lot $30
lots of mexican bowl rock- over 50 lbs all for $40
20g tank- $20
36 inch light fixture 2 times 65watts florecent. don't know what brand- $50
hang on filter for up to 20g. don't know the name- $15
cannot upload pictures but anyone that seen my tank knows how sweet the driftwood and rocks look. The rest is not in my main tank. all in the garage
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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