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This is whats left...I don't log on here often, so if you are interested in something let me know at [email protected]

65 gallon aquarium (36 x 18 x 15or16) with Canopies (no leaks! cleaned and ready to go, regular clear silicon) - $120
Eheim Heater sized for the 65 gal tank - free with tank
Sun blaster light (freshwater) with an extra bulb free with tank free with tank
Hand held fish net - free with tank

Eheim Ecco 2236 -$90 comes with with
Eheim Substrat Plus
Eheim Coarse foam filter pads

Take everything above for only $190

standard 23 gallon tank and hood
standard 10 gallon tank hood only
Eheim 100w heater for 22 gallon tank
Take the 23 gal tank, hood and heater and the 10 gal hood for $20!

tetra whisper air pump for a 20 gallon 77847 - $10
Come with a whole bunch of airline fittings, air check valves and airstones.

Rio+ 90 pump - $5
Hydor Koralia water pump - $15
San Francisco Brine Shrimp Shrimpery plus some brine shrimp hatch stuff - $5

Seachem Clarity, 100ml, 50% - Free to someone who buys something!!!!
Red Sea Aiptasia X - $5

Pinpoint pH Monitor, no probe with a few Calibration solutions - $20
Pinpoint Wireless thermometer - $5

Phosban reactor 150 - $20
Caribsea aragamax select, 1/4 bag free to someone who buys something!!!!!

Vertex portable refractometer - $20
Manual coralife refractometer, floating needle type - free to somebody who buys something!!!!!

Kent Aquadoser for top ups - $15

Test Kits all the below are $5 each
API Hight Range Ph
API Calcium
API Nitrite No2
Elos Nitrate No3
Elos kH
Nutrafin Ammonia
Nutrafin kH/gH

Bulk Reef Supply:
Filter housing with lots of tubing and fittings - $20 will sell with a unused pack of resin
Two tds inline water testers - $10 each
Note: I found for salt water tanks, the water is excellent in the lower mainland, tds so low, it went straight through the DI resin. RO wasn't necessary.


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