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Hi everyone I have some marine equipment sell as I'm going planted freshwater.

1 x AI sol blue used 50% 8 months with new and old controller -SOLD

2 x refractometer sybon and vertex -SOLD

1 x Two little fishes phosban reactor w/250g rowaphos unopened /no pump -KEEPING

30lb J&L Goby rock -SOLD
1 x SHlobster bulk Calcium hydroxide almost full -SOLD
1 x Remora S skimmer with overflow boxed with
cobalt 1200 pump ran 2 days for testing -SOLD
2 x Echotech vortech Mp10 wes -SOLD
1 x Bucket instant ocean salt unopened 160 gal mix -SOLD

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Wood Gas Machine Machine tool Engineering

Wood Automotive design Gas Table Machine

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
Not open for further replies.