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FS: Marineland C360 Canister Filter new in box

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Bought a few months ago for over 200 and decided to go with hob.

all media included!!

150.00 obo pu. Agassiz or chilliwack or bring to city next time I come.

These filters feature complete 3-stage filtration, virtually no bypass and work with freshwater or marine aquariums. For 30, 55, and 100 gallon aquariums.

All media included: filter floss pad, filter foam, carbon filter bag and bio-filter balls.

Silent power, high-end performance efficiency and unmatched ease of use are what make the C-360 the ultimate in external multi-stage filtration.

Aquarium water is drawn into the canister and through (rather than around) a succession of stacked media trays for full-contact filtration--virtually NO BYPASS. The water is then returned to your aquarium, sparkling clean and fish-healthy. And when it's time to service your C-160, all you do its push a lever, turn the key and lift out the Stack N' Flo Filter Trays.

Equipment: Valve block for quick release and hose attachment, canister lid with fit-lock clamps, directional flow dish, Stack N' Flo filter trays, intake strainer and extension tube, heavy-duty intake outlet hoses.

Media: Filter foam, carbon filter bad with black diamond premium activated carbon, bio-filter balls, filter floss pad.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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