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Just clearing out some things I no longer plan to use.

Hydor 200w Inline heater. No hoses, heater only. $40 SOLD

1 large can 280g unopened Nutrafin Max flake food. $10

New never touched water large long Manzanita branch driftwood pieces. I have 2 of them. (About 4 feet long each) $35 each

Brand new 15g fish tank. Tank lights or tank cover. $15 SOLD

1 bag (20lb I think) brand new bag of Eco complete black aquarium plant substrate. Has never been put into the tank but sitting in the bucket due to a leak in the original bags. $20 for all of it. SOLD

1 bag (16LB) brand new never opened bag of ActivFlora red plant substrate. $15. Looks almost identical to Flourite. Details are here:

Brand new blue moonlight strip light. Its a low power blue T5 light that simulates moonlight. Light is about 18" or 20" and is fully submersible with suction cups. $20

4 sponge filters. These are large, sponges are about the size of a small football. Sponges are in excellent condition. Too large for my tanks. $10 each

Mag 3 drive submersible water pump. 300gph. $25

Brand new never opened bags of black sand. Its quite fine black sand. They are packaged in 5lb bags. I have about 40lbs worth. It is Aqua Terra brand. Will sell in 30lb amounts. $25 for 40lbs. SOLD

Used T5 HO bulbs. None have over 6 months of use. All these are high quality made in Germany bulbs. GE's are made in Hungary. I used all these bulbs for freshwater planted tanks. Blue bulbs are used with 6000k bulbs to add balanced color to my fish and plants. Bulbs all $10 each. If you buy 4 I will give you 1 more free. I have the following:

36" 39W Geismann 6000k Midday bulb (X2) SOLD
36" 39W Geismann 15000k Aquablue+ bulbs (X3) SOLD
24" 24W Geismann 15000k Aquablue+ bulb (X1)
24" 24W ATI 22000k Blue Plus bulb (1)
24" 24W GE 6500K Starcoat bulbs (X2) (Take both for $15)
24" 24W Geismann 6000k Midday bulb (X2)
24" Aqua Science 22000k blue bulb (X1)

Pics to follow soon. More stuff will be posted as I go through a cleanup of my fish stuff. Its amazing how much stuff you collect over the years and don't even realize it. PM if interested. Everything is pick up in Burnaby near BCIT. First come first serve. I will not hold unless I have dealt with you before. Thanks.
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