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I am getting out of the hobby while I go to school.

Zoomed Aquasun T5ho Quad 48" (bulbs of choice included) $125
Marineland Single Bright 18" $20
Marineland Single Bright 36" (light has finicky connection) $25
Hagen Glo Single 36" (bulb of choice included) $30
Coralife Lunar Aqualight 4x T5ho 36" (bulbs of choice included) $60
48" t5ho bulbs $5 per bulb

My name is josh and thanks for taking a look my post, make sure to check out my other posts with all my other equipment.
Due to the high amount of equipment I have, pictures will be given upon request.
Pick ups will be done at my warehouse in Portkells/Surrey, Unit 106 9465 189st.
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