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We would have never imagined selling Murphy!

My husband and I are moving and after long thought, have made the shocking decision to leave fish keeping for a while. We are selling all our fish, tanks, stands, equipment, supplies... everything.

This means that Murphy, the famous Prochilodus (Fei Feng, Charming Phoenix), is for sale. We have had Murphy for over 10 years and he is not just a fish; he is a pet. Anyone who wants to buy him will be "interviewed". We want to know what tank he is going to, your fishkeeping experience, your knowledge of fish keeping. Yes, he is an impressive monster fish, but he's not just a trophy. We want someone to care about him.

Murphy is huge. He's about 19" long, very full bodied and very healthy. We have set the price at $225.

[The 180 gallon tank and stand will be posted in the equipment classifieds.]

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