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Had to shut my tank down recently due to a crash. Have decided to take a long break from the hobby and am selling everything. Everything's in good condition. Whole system makes for a good starter kit and is perfect for apartments.
Wood Gas Rectangle Machine Composite material

Included are:
1 x Fluval Spec V tank - comes with Intank Media Basket & surface skimmer
1 x hydor koralia powerhead (I believe it's the 240 gph)
1 x Eheim compact pump - 80 gph (this replaced the original fluval tank pump)

Wheel Tire Ac adapter Adapter Electrical wiring

1 x Aqua Illumination Nano LED's - comes with wireless controller & custom stand

Tin Automotive tire Paint Plastic bottle Liquid

Lots of filter floss
1 x 6.6kg tub H2Ocean+ salt mix (roughly 1/3 left)

Gadget Electronic device Technology Gas Cable

Assortment of other stuff including:
1 x Vertex refractometer
1 x aquaviro 8.4 ph balancer - almost a full bottle left
1 x Aiptasia-x - 3/4 left
1 x Purigen 100 (new)
1 x Chemi Pure Elite (new)
1 x spare AI Controller
Tunze Care Magnet Nano, scrapers, tweezers, syphon, etc
Pretty much everything you'll need for a saltwater tank except a heater.
I'll also throw in any original parts I have that came with the tank as I modded it to make it a saltwater tank.

Here's what it looked like when it was running
Water Blue Vertebrate Light Purple

Looking for $150 obo for everything I have. Not planning to part things out as I want to get rid of all of it.
I'm located in downtown Vancouver
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