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FS: nice endler guppies

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For sale : Cheap bulk buy - juvenile and mature Endlers, nice strain, see video. 10 for 4$ (at least 2 males). 20 for 6$ (at least 4 males)[video][email protected]/23412011843/in/dateposted-public/[/video]
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I am very interested in your endler's.
I will take lots of them. Would you like some Java Moss and Subwassertang as a part trade? Text or call: 604-791-3087. Thanks
Hi; do you still have endler's? I could take a lot of them . Please text me and let me know. 604-791-3087
Endlers now available. Groups of ten available for 4$. Various sizes in each batch, from adult to juveniles, at least two males in each batch. Pm me
More endlers available.....juveniles and fully nature
Mixed bag of sizes ..6$ for 20 with at least three makes
4$ for ten ...mixed bag of sized at least two males
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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