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Location: Cloverdale/Surrey - near Hwy #10 & 188 St.

I've been growing out some juvies which I purchased about 3 months ago @ 2.0" - 2.5" size. They've been growing very nicely & I recently sold a few to downsize/ avoid overstocking. Am now left with 6.

The largest, - a 4"+ red melon, began some time ago to really 'bully' the other 5, incessantly chasing them around - to the point where it's gone beyond what I know to be quite normal behavior for discus.

While no real harm appears to be being done, it's bothering me for the stress it's no doubt causing the others, some of which have taken to hiding out at times to get out of harm's way. (They're 3.0" to 3.5" size & are all eating well - the bully is too busy feeding his own face at mealtimes to bother them much !)
I've tried temporarily isolating the dominant fish to attempt altering his behavior, but to no avail.
So, I'm offering him/her for sale @ $70., o.b.o., or will consider trading for a smaller-sized fish, say 3.0"- 3.5", of a desirable strain/variety, to see if I can achieve a more harmonious grouping.
You must see this alpha - SORRY, NO PIC - he is gorgeous !
My planted tank water parameters are excellent : Nitrates always < 5: PH 7.0;
Temp. 86F; 50% W/C's every second day; overall cleanliness is paramount with me.
You're welcome to come see for yourself.
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