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hi everyone i had somone intrested in theses so i closed my last post about them but the person never showed up to pick them up so Now there back up for free

there both free to good homes

the Sakura Roncltu goldfish is about 2" long its friendly it will come right up to your hand to be feed
Water Plant Fin Orange Fish supply
Automotive lighting Capsule Thumb Finger Nail
Water Window Automotive lighting Wood Tints and shades

the marble crafish
Arthropod Fluid Liquid Insect Terrestrial animal
Arthropod Insect Pest Close-up Terrestrial animal

all are for pick up only In Abbotsford

forgot to put my # :) its 604- 302-9337 call only please if intrested in them

If they dont find a new home by saterday there going to my LPS
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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