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FS pico/nano tank package $150 firm

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Hi everyone,

It's been a great five years, I've really enjoyed picking up the hobby in my early twenties. Now that I'm more invested in my career, I've decided to put the hobby off for at least 5 years.

I'm learning the C language at the moment and hope to dive into electrical engineering, in hoping to design my own aquarium product. Thank for everyone here who were DIYers that played a huge role in providing inspiration for the myself and the community.

Selling the last of my tank things.

This tank is the smallest one here Starphire Filter Tank

5 Neon Rosy tetra
2 Oto Catfish.

amazing tank. 22x22x22cm

fluval lights (3 months old with 2 extra light bulbs) mini power compact

Aquavitro trimming scissors

All the fertilizer that you need for the next few years.

CO2, Redsea system, cap plastic came as worn so I will show you how to use it. The brass underneath is in great condition, can be used without the cap.

2x 20oz Paintball tanks, need to be hydrotested.

Doaqua bubble counter, and co2 diffuser

fake ada drop checker. amazing quality though

aquasafe powerhead,

50w heater.

Ryuoh Rocks

ada soil

ada colorado sand.

It cost well over $350 to get everything here. I got some extra colorado sand to throw in this package.

Price is firm.

Thanks for all the interest.


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Sorry my mistake. I forgot to mention that the tank itself has suffered some damages.

The first one is the horizontal streak at the top, I haven't noticed it until i began to inspect the tank. not at all noticeable (Only in certain angles).

Second one is the chip on the side, as you can see the silicone is chipped away, this has been there for over 2 years and has not posed a problem.

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