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Hi there, from this tank:

Water Plant Vertebrate Green Fish supply

When I trim, I pull the entire plant out, cut in half, plant top half back, you get the bottom half with leaves and roots.

There's quite many stems this time I am not going to even count them in detail since that takes too much time, but if you have a bare empty 10-15G tank, you won't need any plants after this.

- pogostemon erectus
- blyxa japonica
- rotala colorata
- Ludwigia hybrid red
- sunset hygro
- christmas moss
- Limnophilia aromatica
- amazon water lettuce
- couple of starogyne repens

Please text me for fastest response @ 778-8588992, Ash.

Pick up in Burnaby 9am-4pm Monday to Friday near BCIT. After work hours in the evening or weekend in Surrey.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.