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Plant overgrown and need to trim, from this tank:

Link to journal:
Mysticalnet's ADA 60P

In the $12 plant package you will get stems:

- pogostemon erectus x 4 or 5
- small blyxa japonica x 3
- proserpinaca palustris ×2
- rotala colorata x 10
- small Ludwigia hybrid red x 3
- sunset hygro x 3 or 4
- alternanthera reiinicki (non-mini) x 1
- christmas moss (bigger golf ball sized)

The $15 plant package will include all the above plus:
- moss + subwassertang (small handful)
- red tiger lotus plant (medium sized) with 6-7 leaves

Please text me if interested at 778-8588992 Ash.

Pick up in burnaby 9am-4pm Monday to Friday near BCIT. After work hours in the evening or weekend in Surrey.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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