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I am starting a new tank and so all these plants will need to go.

Rotala wallichi - easily over 10+ stems
Ludwigia Arcuata - easily over 10+ stems
petite anubias - 3 different heads over 5 leaves each
Rotala sp. Bonsai - 2 stems
Ludwigia repens - 2 stems
Ludwigia red - 1-2 stems
alternanthera reineckii mini - 4+ pieces
there are 4 more different plants species included. but you guys get the idea.

disclosure: they have potential for pond snails and have some algae...solution is to do a bleach dip and rip off the leaves with algae. it needs to be picked up before or on Sunday (won't be available Friday or Saturday), I can hold them till after Sunday, but they won't be in a tank and will be submerged in a bucket.

this will be enough plants to cover a 20-30 gallon tank.

Looking for $10 for will be used to fund my next project.


thanks everyone
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