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FS: Planted Fluval 5 gal with Finnex 24/7 LED Package & Tropica Plant Growth System

Going Back to school, no time for the hobby, so, selling:

Planted Fluval V, with Finnex 24/7 LED & Tropica Plant Growth System

Comes with:
Fluval V
original Fluval LED light (too low to grow the included plants)
Black strata
A couple rocks
siphon hose for cleaning
A handful of rasboras, 2 tetras, and 1 cherry red shrimp

Plants on in the strata are: Helanthium and Marsilea

Tropica Plant Growth System

Finnex 24/7

plant growth items:
1. Flourish
2. Flourish Trace
3. Tropica Plant Growth Fertilizer
4. Alakaline Buffer
5. Excel Flourish

5 kinds of food, fish and shrimp (fish love the shrimp food too)
PH Test Kit

If you are just getting into the hobby, this is a great starter kit, and no worries about not enough bacteria to keep your fish alive. This tank has been running a few years, so the sponge is teaming with good bacteria.

A good idea is to add more rasboras or a couple of tetras. The tank can hold 15-20 rasboras happily due to the large filter/sponge media holding a high level of good bacteria.


I've never been able to successfully upload photos to this forum.
See craigslist photos here

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Just a heads up, on craigslist you probably want to post in the community > pets section.
Probably will get more views there. good luck with the sale!
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