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FS: PRICE DROP! Driftwoods (one branchy centerpiece) and Silk Plants

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Plant Wood Branch Terrestrial plant Twig
Arthropod Insect Plant Art Natural material

Branchy centerpiece driftwood - $40 - Approx 17"x17"x17"

Plant Terrestrial plant Reptile Scaled reptile Houseplant

Long flat driftwood - $15 - Approx 20"

Plant Terrestrial plant Fish supply Pet supply Aquatic plant

Triangle shape driftwood - $5 Approx 10"x5"

Message if you're interested.
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Plant Green Terrestrial plant Organism Grass
Plant Terrestrial plant Arecales Grass Palm tree
Plant Terrestrial plant Art Underwater Marine biology
Flower Plant Terrestrial plant Houseplant Flowering plant
Plant Houseplant Flowerpot Terrestrial plant Flower

DIY Silk Plants from Michaels - $10 ea - Approx 10" x 10"
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Organism Art Plant Grass Event

Small ones - $10 for both - Approx 6" x 6"

Plant Vertebrate Terrestrial plant Vegetation Houseplant

Overall pic

Plant Watch Water Wood Grass

Aquascape pic
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Price drop! $40 for all the silk plants!
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