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:confused:ACK!! An unforeseen debt has surfaced from the murky depths, must slay the nasty beast ASAP!:eek:

Besides what's listed below, I've also got a few turntables and TONNES of records. Anyone interested can contact me with what they're looking for, chances are I've got it. Also, antique/collectors: books, toys, games, die cast cars/trucks and various other sundry items. WWII radio transmitter anyone?

I'll even deliver to your door ...with a coffee & donut. :bigsmile:

KRK Rokit 8's - $300 (used for 6months then stored, like new)
Paradigm Titan V.2 Speakers(x4) - $300
Paradigm CC-170 center channel - $75
Paradigm PDR 10 active sub-woofer - $100
Denon AVR-1600 amplifier- $125 (like new)

Paradigm/Denon combined pkg: - $550 (used these for 1-2 years then stored, like new)
Polk Audio passive 10" subwoofers (x2): $free$ (they've seen some years but haven't failed)


:bigsmile:everything for $800:bigsmile:
:bigsmile:I might throw in a free turntable (Dual/maybe Marantz)

KRK Rokit 8's:
Paid $500: Asking $300
Commonly used as pro studio monitors or in small venue DJ settings, reliable full-range frequency response, built like tanks, consistently proving their durability and longevity. Overwhelmingly recommended with 4 stars or more, it's impossible to find better speakers in this price range. They're powered speakers, plug your iphone or computer directly into them with no need for an amplifier.
Output: 90w
Input: RCA / XLR -- rear panel gain control (+6 to -30dB)
Freq. Range: 44Hz - 20kHz ±1.5dB
Dimensions: 15.6 x 10.9 x 11.8" (394 x 275 x 299mm)

Paradigm Titan (x4):
Paid $960: Asking $300
Since 1991 they've received praise upon praise, with a re-occurring theme: Remarkable performance at a price that most would regard as shameful. Home theatre & Hi-Fi magazine reviewed them as: "a tremendous speaker"
Freq. range: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 86 dB/w/m
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Size: 13"H x 7"W x 10"D

Paradigm CC-170 center speaker:
Paid $220: Asking $75:
Soundstage review: Paradigm's ability to make superb-sounding inexpensive speakers is astounding.
Frequency Response: 76 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Dimensions: 6.75"H x 22"Wx 8"D (17 x 56 x 20cm)

Paradigm PDR 10 Powered Subwoofer:
Paid $300: Asking $100
1 - 10" Bass Driver w/ 1.5" voice coil
Variable low pass filter
Output: 100watt
Dimensions: 14.25"H x 13.5"W x 16"D

Denon AVR-1600 amp:
Paid $400: Asking $125
It's your standard older Denon amplifier. Simple and intuitive design and a "memory plus" function that remembers the settings you set for each input source. It has served me better than I could have expected over the years.
Surround System: Class 5.1
Decoders: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic
Response Bandwidth: 20 - 20000 Hz
Output Power: 300 Watt
Dimensions: 6.5"Hx17"Wx12.5"D

Polk Audio passive 10" subwoofers (x2): $free$
Received for a $200 debt, they've taken some physical dings, so I figure $free$ is fair.

Cassette deck Musical instrument accessory Media player Audio equipment Technology
Gas Toy Electric blue Magenta Machine
Wood Automotive tire Sound box Audio equipment Public address system
Output device Product Camera accessory Cameras & optics Font
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