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Well my RBTA collection has gone nuts lately and my original 5 or 6 mother anemones have all split multiple times and I have 21 Rainbow and Rose BTAs in my tanks (17 in my cube tank). Many of you saw the anemones during the BBQ get together and saw how healthy and colourful they are.

Selling off a few to make room for them to grow.

Priced at $30-50 each, depending on size, colour, quality.

Pick up from my place in Burnaby (may be able to choose the one you want if I can get it off the rockwork. I have a few in my breeder net ready for sale. Can also meet at J&L or King Eds.

Send me your email or text number and I'll send pics of what I have available.

Thanks for looking,

Anthony 604-868-5553
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