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1 HOB good for 10 gallons, works great needs new carbon-$5
Aquaclear 30 [formerly called AC 150]-$15
Automatic feeder (battery operated)-$5
1 Small air pump, I have tubing for it as well just let me know how much you need-$5
Jungle-Fungus cure .50 for 1 tablet, 1 tab for 10 gallons max two treatments required-works wonders
Jungle-Parasite clear .50 for 1 tablet, 1 tab for 10 gallons max three treatments required, also works great
2 aquarium ornaments 1 is a broken bell decoration the other is a greek urn decoration.-$5 for both
Marine buffer by seachem buffers to 8.3 2/3 full-$3
lots of aquarium rocks, 10 lbs natural color-$5
5lbs mixed colors-$2
Small box aquarium salt, used once-$1sold
1 fake plant [orange cabumba]-$1
aquarium vacuum-$5
Small betta cube aquarium with lid-$5
Fry container with lid-$5
crushed coral, handful-$1

If you want picture of something let me know and Ill send them off. Pick up only I do not have transportation. Thanx for looking and more will be added

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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