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fs: razorback musk turtle

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I have for sale a razorback musk turtle that i got since he was the size of a toonie. Ive raised him for about 5 years to date. Still plenty of life left for this little one.
Only reason why im selling is because hes not getting along with my other one, so one of them has to go.
I would like him to go to a forever home with proper care. Minimum 40gallon if hes living in it alone. I have him in a 125 gallon filled almost to the top with decorations that he can climb on. Despite what people say about these turtles, they can absolutely do well in deep water given theres decorations he can hang on to.
Healthy and eats everything from pellets, bloodworms, krill, and shrimp. May eat smaller slow fish.
He does have mineral deposits on his shell (the white spots) that is only cosmetic and doesnt affect health. Something about the minerals in our water system here.

Looking to sell for $275. or $250firm if you pick up today.

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