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Hi guys,

I am getting bored of shrimps and want to try something else. This sale is a 6.5 month old red cheery shrimp tank. It's at my office now by the window and getting direct sunlight. A little dirty since I am getting lazy to clean the green dust algae on the glass. Shrimps are just regular red cherries, and they are very healthy and breed like crazy.

This sale include:
- 5 gallon fish tank
- aquaclear 20 filter
- 15w heater
- lots of xmas moss
- some java fern
- some plants I don't know the names
- at least 200-300 shrimps (impossible to give an exact number)
- 2 assassin snails (they hide in the gravel most of the time, but I can see them from time to time)

Asking for $150 as a package. No separate. Pick at at my office in Surrey 9am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday (152 street/56 ave, Surrey)

Sorry for the photo quality, but this is best I can do

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