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For sale:

RED SEA MAX 130 (34 gallon) complete with stock hardware and stand. T5's approx 3 months old. Missing one support for the hood, (still holds in upright position), and plastic screw for light cover. Both can be bought offline for under $20. Hood fans need to be replaced but I have two brand new ones that I can supply with it. **ASKING $300**

RED SEA MAX 250 (66 gallon) with stock hardware and stand. Brand new ballast just installed. Fans need to be replaced. **ASKING $650

DELTEC M500 SKIMMER - a great upgrade for the Red Sea Max 250.
**ASKING $450**

Or **ASKING $1000** for the set!

FLUVAL EDGE (12 gallon) with LED lights. Currently set up as a salt water with 5lbs live rock and 5lbs branching live rock, as well as sand **ASKING $120

Text me at 778 549 1825 if interested.

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