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Hi everyone,
I am sadly having to sell my Red Sea Max 250 complete set up. What I have for sale is the following:

Red Sea Max (black) complete tank, stock equipment and original stand.

-upgraded rear cooling fans - larger than originals so cools much quicker and more efficiently
-temperature controller (by cooler guys) which controls the rear fans and is fully programmable
-intank media basked custom made for the Red Sea Max 250
-upgraded heater
-Tunze osmolator auto top off unit
-BRS 4 stage RO/DI with dual in line TDS meter and pressure gauge

Also have a variety of smaller supplies such as test kits, additives, refractometer, net, cleaning supplies etc

-25-35 lbs of live rock. Mixture of marco, fuji, pukani, bali
-live sand - at least 2-3" worth
-2 large (over 8" diameter) toadstools
-devils hand (approx 6-8")
-long spined urchin
-coral banded shrimp
-foxface rabbit fish
-fire clown
-leopard wrasse (female)

There may be more I am forgetting. But in need to sell everything. Asking $1000 for everything. Will consider selling pieces individually if I have to.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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