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Hello ladies and gents, I'm just crossposting from CL, so pardon the pedantic tone of this listing. :) I'm located in Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver.

Hi there, I have several species of freshwater plants available. I have no snails, no algae, and a healthy crew of shrimp. :) I have medium light and pressurized CO2, and dose Flourish Comprehensive twice weekly.
I have a GH of 6, a KH of 4, and a PH between 6.2-6.7.

The only one left is Riccia moss (crystalwort). Known for producing beautiful pearls of oxygen in CO2 rich environments, Riccia is a great plant for tying to hardscape with an onion bag, planting into substrate, or even drifting as a floating plant. Riccia will treat you with explosive growth if placed in the right conditions. Take a loose clump for $5.00 or the cluster secured to and grown on mesh for $10.00.

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