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As you can see from the photos, it's time for a trim! I've got several plants that I'll be looking to trim in the next few days: Rotala Type IV Mini & Butterfly, Red Tiger Lotus (many stems, super red, a beautiful and easy plant), Syngonanthus Sp. Belem, and S. Repens. Not here to make money from these so I will happily part with the stems for $0.25-0.50 each and generously top up the bags with extras :). Tiger Lotus will be sold by the bulb and will vary in stem count ~$5/bunch. Heads up that the tank has some algae in spots. The trimmings will be gently cleaned and cleared of any algae before you get them.

Please feel free to text me @ 778-378-0666 with what you're looking for for fastest response!

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