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I bought Seachem Equilibrium in bulk and have extra available for sale at cost and share with other hobbyists akin. Think of this as a group buy without the hassle of the organization. First come first serve.

Got only 500g left.

250g for $10
500g for $12

Why use Equilbrium?
-helps increases GH
-restores/maintains mineral balance (GH) in your tank
-good for planted tanks
-provides electrolytes for your fish's health
-aid in fish metabolism
-promote stability for KH
-has trace levels of micronutrients

Send me a PM with your contact number and availability.
I am located near Joyce Skytrain Station.

I will deliver for a premium charge of $20 within 5km of Vancouver.

Thank you and take care.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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