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I am shutting down my extremely high tech planted aquarium because i am going to school and i don't have enough time to take care of the tank.

Aqueon 2x2x4 120 gallon with custom built stand (professionally done) $450
Fluval Profile 1500 (built in lighting, stand, and drilled for filtration) $550
90 gallon with DIY stand (well used) $50

High Tech Equipment:
UPAqua inline CO2 diffuser (16/22mm) $25

Zoomed Aquasun T5ho Quad 48" (bulbs of choice included) $125
Marineland Single Bright 18" $20
Marineland Single Bright 36" (light has finicky connection) $25
Hagen Glo Single 36" (bulb of choice included) $30
Coralife Lunar Aqualight 4x T5ho 36" (bulbs of choice included) $60
48" t5ho bulbs $5 per bulb

Hang On Filters:
Penguin 150 $15
Fluval C4 $20

Eheim 300W x2 $20
Eheim 250W $20
Eheim 200W $15
Eheim 50W $10
Koralis Inline 200W (12/16mm) $30
Fluval M250 $10

Ulta Violet Sterilizers:
X2 15W inline AquaUV Sterilizer $75 each
15W hangon AquaUV Sterilizer $75

Power Heads:
Maxijet 900 $10
X2 Aquaclear 50 (screen included) $10
Aquaclear 70 $10

Air Pumps:
Whisper 100 $10

Lily Pipe 16/22 $10
Fluval Scissors $10
Mini Protein Skimmer $5
X2 Fluval 88g Co2 (regulator, stand, diffuser) (you have to buy refill cartridges) $20 each
Eheim Surface Skimmer $20
X2 Caribsea live sand (used) $10
Seachem Fluorite and EcoComplete mix (cycled, no more GH/KH spike) $15/20lb
Wood air diffuser x2 (for both) (new) $5

My name is josh and thanks for checking out my post.
Due to the high amount of equipment I have, pictures will be given upon request.
Pick ups will be done at my warehouse in Portkells/Surrey, Unit 106 9465 189st.

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Sorry for the late response but the zoomed is still available. It is 48" and comes with whatever bulbs you want, I roughly have 10-20 to choose from.


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