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FS: Shutting down my hight tech 120G

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I am shutting down my extremely high tech planted aquarium because i am going to school and i don't have enough time to take care of the tank.
If an item is in red then it is spoken for. If an item is deleted then it is sold.

Fluval Profile 1500 (built in lighitng, stand, and drilled for filtration) (can put together complete tank if desired) $800
90 gallon with diy stand (well used) $100

High Tech Equipment:

10lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder $75

Koralia Auto Top Off (barely used) $50

Canister Filters:
Eheim Professional 3 2073 (media included) $150
Eheim classic 150 (media included) (broken bottom elbow) $40

6 bulb sunlight supply tek with legs $200
extra light bulbs included, some used, some new (included with tek)
Zoomed Aquasun T5ho Quad (bulbs of choice included) $150
Marineland Single Bright 18" $20
Marineland Single Bright 36" $25
Hagen Glo Single 36" (bulb included) $30
Coralife Lunar Aqualight 4x T5ho $75

Hang On Filters:
Penguin 150 $15
Fluval C4 $25

Eheim 300W x2 $20
Eheim 250W $20
Eheim 200W $20
Eheim 50W $15
Koralis Inline 200W $30
Fluval M250 $10

Ulta Violet Sterilizers:
X2 15W inline AquaUV Sterilizer $75 each
15W hangon AquaUV Sterilizer $75

Power Heads:
X2 Maxijet 1200 $10 each
Maxijet 900 $10
Koralia 425 $15
Koralia Nano (used for 1 month) $10
Aquaclear 50 $10

Air Pumps:
Whisper 100 $10

Lily Pipe 16/22 $10
Aquavitro curved scissors $15
Fluval Scissors $10
Fluval Tweezers $10
50ft aqueon gravel cleaner $30
Mini Protein Skimmer $5
X2 Fluval 88g Co2 $20 each
Eheim Surface Skimmer $20
ETCI IR (Thermostat temperature controller) $20
X2 Caribsea live sand (used) $10

My names josh and thanks for checking out my post.
Due to the high amount of equipment I have, pictures will be given upon request.
Pick ups will be done at my warehouse in Portkells/Surrey, Unit 106 9465 189st.
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Interested in the doser.

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Interested in:

Power Heads:
X2 Maxijet 1200 $10 each

Large magfloat $5

5gal instant ocean (2/3 full) $10
X2 Caribsea live sand (used) $10
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PM me.

Updated list with items on hold and items sold.

Updated prices and deleted sold items.

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