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Trying to sell as packages.

Silver dollars two are full size, two are medium, and two are smaller. selling group for ($60) This group is being sold only as a package as I do not one them cherry picked

Monos haft to be in separate tanks unless you already have a group. These are in fresh water from IPU but I suppose they would do good in brackish water? If you do wish to add them to that kind of set up. You would would probably need to use the drip system ($35 each)

clown loaches there's roughly 6. I would like to get ($60) for the group but how ever that's based on 10 dollars each given there might be more than 6. They are a little bigger than the ones you find in the store around 2 inches?

silver tip pleco $ 5
(I am not arranging pick up for these two small packages. Only if you pick up any fish from above)
2 tin foil barbs (smaller) $5 one tiger barb part of package ?

This is a tank shut down situation.
Pictures to come (big Clown loaches not for sell)
If you are looking for a project tank. The tank that the clown loaches are in is for sale. No price yet but just pointing that out. Its a 72 gallon bow front. price for tank will be on different thread another day
pictures will be on shortly
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