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euro-reef recirculating RC-135 skimmer. this is the recirculating external/insump and not the RS insump model. i ran this externally beside my sump. i extended(white tube) the output to reach over my sump and it can be easily slipped off and put back to original. it has an upgraded recirculating pump, i replaced the sedra 5000 and put in a sedra 7000. comes with a mesh modded impeller and the original impeller cap.
there is a crack, i accidently drop the cap while i was in the proccess of swapping out skimmers. i went to an acrylic shop to have it replaced but guy reassured me that bonding glue was all i needed so he bonded it for me and he was the one that told me that those other crack looking things were not cracks but caused by chemical reactions and they are only surface deep. his glue aslo cause the same thing where it touched the surface at the bottom of the crack. the flash makes it look worse. cosmetic imperfections but would not hinder performance. cup does not leak after the bond.
paid $800-900 asking $225

vertex zeo reactor 1.5L used for less than a year. $70

icecap 400w electronic ballast used 1-2 years dont remember, been in storage for a year. $70

t5 water proof endcaps brand new never used everything seen in picture $30

2 - koralia 4 power heads used about 1 year or less. $50 for both
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