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I shut down my small shrimp tank and selling the Mini Surface skimmer. It is not ADA made but works really well. Need a bit cleaning.
Asking for $30***SOLD***

The small LED fixture is 1 yr old. Works fine. Only the control clip is broken and was tapped. However, it doesn't really cause any issue with the light and still able to hang on the tank.
Original price for the fixture was $140 and the remote is $40. Selling this used fixture for $120 together with the remote.

Here is the detail

Model: ZA1200
Power: 16W
Item Size in Inches: 10.24 x 4.72 x 6.69H
White: 28 pcs of 6500K
Red: 4pcs of 620-630NM
Green: 4pcs of 520-535NM
Lumens: 1280LM

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